Strategy Overview

KCM approaches investment policy and asset mix strategy in a very systematic, disciplined, and consistent manner. KCM believes all clients have their unique needs and therefore “one size fits all asset management” does not apply at KCM. Regardless of whether the client is an individual or institution, KCM seeks to establish a suitable asset mix designed to meet the client’s risk tolerance and liquidity needs over the appropriate time horizon. KCM accepts only those new clients KCM believes it can best serve using a tailored mix of KCM’s strategies.

Portfolios can be composed solely of one strategy such as our domestic equity strategy or a combination of several KCM strategies. When portfolio strategies include bonds with equities KCM refers to these as “balanced accounts”. When real estate is added, the portfolios become “enhanced accounts”. When foreign equities are added to any strategy the portfolios become “global accounts”.

The strategies tab provides specific information about each KCM strategy and an opportunity to download a one page PDF version of each strategy’s description.

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