Large-Cap Core Strategy

KCM’s LCC Strategy combines sector and large company oriented ETFs into a single, coordinated portfolio designed to provide our clients: Constant exposure to well known large cap Stocks

•  Active management
•  Tax-efficiency
•  Liquidity
•  Risk reduction and substantial diversification

KCM employs a combination of macroeconomic, quantitative, and technical tools to evaluate the ETFs that are employed in the strategy. On a quarterly basis, our process establishes the weights for each ETF to be held in your portfolio. Intra-quarter, our process may generate signals to make adjustments in the initial weightings. KCM believes that its systematic, disciplined and consistent process limits risk and maintains appropriate diversification.

Since inception, the strategy has generated gross, total returns consistent with its investment objective. Examples of ETFs which may be employed in the strategy include but are not limited to:

•  DIA— Dow Jones 30 Industrials “DIAMONDS”
•  IVV— iShares S&P 500
•  SPY— S&P 500 “SPDR”
•  RSP— Rydex’s S&P 500 Equal Weight
•  QQQ— NASDAQ top 100
•  S&P 500 Sector ETFs— Various vendors’ sector-oriented ETFs

This strategy can also build cash reserves when KCM believes it is prudent to do so.

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