All-Cap Multi-Style Strategy

Kelly Capital Management's (KCM) ACMS Strategy combines several ETFs into a single, coordinated portfolio designed to provide our clients:

•  Constant exposure to a large group of actively traded domestic stocks
•  Active sector, style and market cap rotation
•  Liquidity
•  Risk reduction through vast diversification

KCM employs a combination of macro-economic, quantitative, and technical tools to evaluate the ETFs that are employed in the strategy. On a quarterly basis, our process establishes:

•  Which sector ETFs will be held
•  The level of market cap exposure across large, mid, and small cap ranges
•  The style emphasis across value, core, and growth within the three market cap ranges
•  Exposure to the core, broadly based ETF which forms the portfolio's backbone
•  Cash equivalent position

Intra-quarter, our process may generate signals to make adjustments to the initial weightings. KCM believes that its systematic, disciplined and consistant process limits risk and maintains appropriate diversification.

Portfolios can be expected to follow the general track of the S&P 500 Index, have a high statistical correlation to this benchmark, and a dividend yield approximating that of the benchmark.

However, the strategy is designed to generate gross returns superior to those of both the Large Cap Core, and Large Cap Broad Style Manager peer groups. Since inception, the strategy has generally accomplished this goal.

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